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Canine Good Citizen Workshop

We recently held our first Canine Good Citizen workshop followed by the test.  We had several people attend just to find out the CGC was about and how they could better prepare their dogs and themselves to test at a later date.

The workshop began with explaining what the CGC was and what that entitled the dogs and owners to, as well as what the CGC was not.  There has been much misinformation given about the CGC and we wanted to clear the air. On AKC’s CGC evaluator’s page there has been much discussion about whether passing the CGC means your dog is a service dog (it does not) so we felt it was a good place to begin the workshop.

If you would like more information about the Canine Good Citizen test or future workshops keep watching the website, we plan to have another workshop in the fall.  Also, look for the CGC preparatory class we will be adding to our class schedules soon.