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From the Heart Services

From the Heart provides two main services; Obedience Training and Daycare.

From the Heart offers several levels of group training, as well as private consultation and individual training. All group classes are held at 561-I Brunken Ave., Salinas, California, in a 10,000 square foot, fully matted indoor, facility designed for the comfort and safety of your pet.

Paws at Play™ is a doggie daycare service that provides a fun, learning, and social environment for your pet while you are away for the day. In south Salinas, we are centrally located with easy freeway access. Convenient hours give plenty of time to arrive at work with time to spare.

Private In-home training is a service provided to those who can not commit to classes for a multitude of reasons including work schedules, a truly unruly dog, and many other reasons.  With private lessons we can address individual problems that may not usually be discussed in a class environment, lessons may be scheduled with a bit more flexibility, and you receive concentrated training.  Call to see if private lessons are correct for you and your dog.

Consultations usually a one time visit to resolve behavior problems and/or one on one instruction. Consultations are generally held in the home.

The initial consultation is approximately 2 hours long.  During that time a detailed behavior history will be taken, goals defined and a treatment plan devised for the family to follow. All family members are encouraged to participate in training sessions. A flat fee is charged for the consultation however, additional fees may apply for mileage or additional services or materials.

Consultations are scheduled on an individual basis, please call for more information.  Some common consultations topics may be:

  • Housetraining problems and crate training questions
  • Leadership issues
  • Growling and biting issues
  • New dog or puppies in the home
  • Responsible pet ownership guidance 
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