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Paws at Play Daycare

Barking, digging and chewing are often signs of boredom, but we may have the answer to your problems. From the Heart Animal Behavior Counseling and Dog Training offers a service that helps exercise your dog, allows socialization with other "latchkey dogs", and provides direct supervision by a pet care specialist.

Paws at Play™ is a doggie daycare service that provides a fun, learning, and social environment for your pet while you are away for the day. In south Salinas, we are centrally located with easy freeway access. Convenient hours give plenty of time to arrive at work with time to spare.

Our unique service will supply your dog with the kind of play and supervision he requires. You no longer need to worry about him while you are away all day. Send your pup to us, and we'll provide him with a safe, fun-filled environment.

We moved to our current location in June 2005. This facility provides plenty of room with 10,000 square feet of fully matted floor space, and many options. We have a number of dogs who have been with us since the beginning, over a decade ago.

Thank you for your interest in Paws at Play™ a doggie daycare service provided by FROM THE HEART Animal Behavior Counseling and Dog Training. The training philosophy employed by FROM THE HEART are the same techniques used by Paws at Play™. We treat your dog as though it were one of ours, and that's a good thing! So more about Paws at Play.

The process begins with an interview, this is for both the dog owner and pet professional. During the interview you will be asked several questions and your dog will have a chance to explore our facility. We, also, want a chance to interact with your dog before daycare to see what his reactions are to toys, other dogs, noise, and other things he may experience during daycare.

For more information on this service, our training programs or to schedule an interview for you and your dog, please call (831) 783-0818.

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