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Paws at Play "House Rules"

Help us roll out the red carpet for your pet—please observe the "House Rules" 

♥ Arrive 5 minutes early for drop off, payment, putting up leashes, checking your bin for mail, notices, important info.

♥ The potty yard is the ONLY place you may let your dog eliminate.  Please don’t put us in a compromising position by letting your dog eliminate anywhere else.

♥ Most dogs get excited when the come to daycare, this usually means your dog will want to eliminate, even if the did at home.  So, in order to reinforce the housetraining habits we take all dogs outside upon arrival.

♥ All dogs must be leashed or carried—coming and going.

♥ Remember payment should be made in the morning or in advance.  Checks should be made out to "From the Heart"

If you are a daycare participant for more than 3 days a week, please ask for discounts.  I am striving to keep the cost of a daily visit unchanged but we need to have a stable attendance, so if your dog is scheduled for a certain day and he/she will not be attending, please let us know.  You can complete the “I will be gone” form (located in the payment bin), give us a call at 783-0818, or you can download the form.   Daycare is very popular and we have dogs waiting to attend; help us keep our costs down.  We are committed to providing you with the best possible service.

Thank you for your continuing support and assistance.

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