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From the Heart Puppy Classes

Puppy Class is ABSOLUTELY the best place to start building a good foundation for your soon-to-be adult dog.

In this class, your puppy will learn:
Bite Inhibition
Come When Called
Stand For Exam
Solving General Puppy Problems

EACH week you will have a task to practice, sometimes with your dog and sometimes without your dog, and frequently a reading assignment. In order to ensure success with your training program you should follow these instructions. You and your dog will find that staying current with the class is advantageous to both, however, being a realist I know that time can be the enemy and sometimes you just can't find the time to do homework….don't worry as long as you understand the concept, you can apply it as you have the time. Training periods should be kept short and successful. Don't fall into the old trap of "just one more" and it will be perfect; it won't and you and your dog may become reluctant to training. Training should be fun and successful for both of you. Just remember to try to stay current and train. GOOD LUCK! :) :)

All classes are 6 sessions. All classes are held at the Salinas training center
unless otherwise noted. Be sure to refer to the "days off schedule" when planning
your class selection. Class fees are $120.00 for neutered dogs, $135.00 for intact
dogs for first time students. Returning students (even with a different dog) fees are
$100.00 for neutered dog, $115.00 for intact dogs. Shelter or rescue dogs....check
out additional discounts, if adopted within 60 days.

Please indicate your class start date on your questionnaire

(Please note: puppies must be 14 or under weeks of age at the beginning of class)

SAT. 11:00AM-12:00PM  
12/05 (no class 12/26)  

PLEASE NOTE: All class start dates are subject to change. Please verify your class selection.

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