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From the Heart Adult Tracking and Flyball

Tracking is the sport of following the path of a tracklayer, who will place items on the track.  Your dog does the work, although you have to walk with him, and he has to find the lost articles.  Tracks can be as short as a 1/4 mile up to 1/2 a mile.  They are aged from 20 minutes to 2 hours.  This sport is taught on a very small class size basis or individually.  It is a titled sport with AKC and the mixed breed clubs.  Please contact us for more information and watch the events for the tracking seminar in 2006.

Flyball is a relay race with 4 dogs on a team. The course consists of a starting line, 4 hurdles spaced 10 feet apart and a box. The first hurdle is 6 feet from the start line and the box is 15 feet from the last hurdle for a 51 foot overall length. The dogs jump the hurdles and steps on a spring loaded box that shoots out a tennis ball. The dog catches the tennis ball and then runs back over the 4 hurdles. When the dog crosses the starting line the next dog goes. The first team to have all 4 dogs run without errors wins the heat.

Currently our flyball team has retired; however, with enough interest we may begin another.  This is strictly for fun not competition.  Please contact us if you are interested in beginning a team.

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