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Update from Wolfsong Ranch

What did you do last weekend?

Some of you know I take the first complete weekend off as my attempt to take days off but I usually fill them with other stuff to do. So, the May weekend I packed up the H2 with Casey, Kyle, Chase and Barney and after daycare closed on Friday we took off for New Mexico. We drove all night and arrived at our destination around 11:00 am.

We were spending the day at Wolf Song Ranch, a Wolf-dog sanctuary in the middle of the high desert of New Mexico. At Wolf Song they house about 343 wolf-dog and wolves that people have tried to make into dogs and have failed. It is run by a couple and one full time helper; we were amazed at the sheer volume of animals and area they dealt with on a daily basis. They have 67 compounds that are visited each day for feeding, cleanup and observation. You can see many more of the pictures we took and those from their website on our bulletin board.

Ask Casey or Kyle about the trip the next time you get a chance. Watch for more info on wolves in the next issue when Casey and I return from WolfPark in Indiana where we will be observing wolf and dog behavior. As for me, I’m off to Toronto the first weekend of June to present a day long talk on shelters. See you in the frequent flyer line.